University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is an educational and public research university in Glasgow, Scotland. Founded in 1451, it is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world and one of world renowned in the academic world for both past students and the research capabilities. It was a founding member of the Russell Group of British universities and ranked as one of the top universities in the UK and worldwide.


Global Pandemic

Urgent need for remote working

The primary challenge was to rapidly transition to a remote learning environment without sacrificing the quality of education and collaboration. Covid-19 forced Campus locations to shut down and in a few weeks Servent helped the University of Glasgow (UoG) enable tens of thousands of Students and Staff to work safely from anywhere in the world using Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) from Microsoft. The university required a solution that was not only scalable to accommodate a large user base but also cost-effective and secure. Furthermore, the solution needed to optimise the Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365 experience, including Teams, to facilitate seamless collaboration and communication with students and faculty working remotely, anywhere in the world.


Servent stepped in with its expertise in Microsoft Azure to deploy a virtual desktop infrastructure that could meet these multifaceted demands. Within weeks, thousands of Azure Virtual Desktops were deployed, offering the flexibility and reach needed to support the university's remote learning and working needs. This rapid deployment was made possible by Servent’s deep understanding of Azure’s capabilities and the strategic use of Microsoft 365 licensing.

The AVD solution provided by Servent ensured that students and staff could access necessary applications from any device, anywhere, while maintaining the highest standards of security and data protection. This accessibility was crucial in maintaining continuity in education and administrative work.


  • Rapid Deployment and Expansion: The deployment of AVD at such a scale in a short period was a testament to Servent's agility and expertise in Azure solutions.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: The AVD ensured a seamless experience in using Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and other Office 365 applications, which was vital for uninterrupted learning and collaboration.

  • Cost-Effective and Scalable Solution: By leveraging Microsoft 365 licensing and implementing Windows 10 multi-session, the university achieved significant cost savings.

  • Efficient Management: The AVD infrastructure provided by Servent allowed for easy scaling and management, adapting quickly to the changing needs of the university.

Key Wins

Large-Scale Deployment

Enhanced User Experience

Cost Management and Optimisation

Future-Ready Infrastructure


The University of Glasgow's successful transition to a remote learning environment using Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, with Servent's expert guidance, stands as a prime example of how cloud technology can be harnessed to turn challenges into opportunities. This case study underscores Servent's role as a leading partner in modernising and migrating operations to Microsoft Azure, delivering solutions that are not just effective but also scalable, secure, and cost-efficient.

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