Scotmid Co‑Operative

Scotmid Co-op, Scotland's oldest independent and largest independent retail consumer co-operative, has a rich heritage dating back to 1859. Based in Edinburgh and employing approximately 5,000 people, the organisation has evolved significantly over the years. From supermarkets and convenience stores, its portfolio now includes funeral offices, health and beauty shops, and an expanding presence in Northern England.


Scotmid Co-op recognised the need to transform their business intelligence (BI) platform to adapt to the evolving retail landscape. To increase the flexibility and scalability of their existing solution, they decided to migrate their service to Azure. This move was motivated by the desire to leverage the core services and emerging solutions of Azure, which promised to elevate their BI capabilities to new heights, enabling better decision-making and forward-thinking strategies.


ScotMid Co-operative Society's technological evolution through Servent's Azure Foundation focused on a robust security framework. This included advanced identity management, threat detection, role-based access controls, and vigilant monitoring. The deployment also emphasised efficient governance, with methods for streamlined resource deployment and detailed permission controls. This approach ensured a secure and efficient Azure environment, with particular attention to expenditure management.

The engagement also prioritised up-skilling ScotMid's team in Azure Data Platform services, fostering a sustainable DevOps culture. This training equipped the team with the skills for long-term Azure management. Automated solutions and Azure DevOps pipelines were introduced, enhancing operational efficiency and facilitating continuous adaptation.

Finally, the Data Platform enhancement integrated key Azure services like Azure Storage, Data Factory, Analysis Services, Power BI, and DevOps. This upgrade streamlined data processing, enabling quicker Power BI updates for insightful sales reporting. The design included autoscaling to optimise resource use, avoiding unnecessary costs. This architectural upgrade not only enhanced data analytics but also drove efficient, informed decision-making processes at ScotMid.


  • Enhanced BI Capabilities: The new Azure-based BI solution improved data management and mobile reporting, allowing for faster and more informed decision-making.

  • Operational Efficiency: The Azure environment facilitated a more efficient management and deployment of BI resources.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: With Azure, Scotmid Co-op achieved a balance between performance and cost, optimising their spending in the cloud.

  • Security and Compliance: The Azure solution provided robust security and compliance features, ensuring data safety and adherence to regulations.

Key Wins

Foundational Azure Deployment

Data Platform Enhancement

Upskilling and Knowledge Transfer


Scotmid Co-op's Azure migration, facilitated by Servent, marks a significant step in their digital transformation journey. This case study highlights the strategic impact of cloud technology in enhancing business intelligence capabilities, operational efficiency, and decision-making processes. This engagement underscores our expertise in delivering comprehensive, secure, and efficient Azure solutions.

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