CollectivWorks, a Glasgow-based company, sought to revolutionise how digital communities engage and interact. Specialising in building community engagement platforms across various domains, including social media and smart city projects, CollectivWorks faced the need for a robust and scalable cloud solution. This case study shows how Servent's deployment of Microsoft Azure enabled CollectivWorks to achieve their business goals.


CollectivWorks aimed to return the ownership of data and content back to the communities using their platforms. The challenge was multifaceted: to develop and host new media platforms efficiently, to transform their operational model, and to ensure scalable, secure, and fast delivery of their services. In essence, CollectivWorks required a cloud solution that could foster rapid development, provide flexibility in scaling, and ensure robust security.


Servent's expertise in Azure solutions played a pivotal role in transforming CollectivWorks' digital infrastructure. Our engagement facilitated a seamless migration from their previous host to Azure, enabling CollectivWorks to leverage the full spectrum of Azure's capabilities. This transition was critical in accelerating the route to market for CollectivWorks' innovative online media platforms, significantly reducing the time required to build, test, and deploy their services.

Moreover, our solution included the implementation of Azure's cutting-edge technologies such as Application Insights, Key Vault, Log Analytics, Azure Monitor, and the Operations Management Suite. These tools were instrumental in streamlining deployment processes, ensuring CollectivWorks could efficiently scale their resources to meet evolving demands.


  • Rapid Development and Deployment: Utilising Azure's integrated tools, APIs, and analytics, CollectivWorks was able to develop, iterate, and deploy their platforms faster and more efficiently.

  • Proactive Platform Management: Application Insights and the Operations Management Suite empowered CollectivWorks with insights for quick monitoring, iteration, and management of deployed platforms.

  • Hybrid Cloud Storage: Azure's StorSimple provided an enterprise hybrid cloud storage solution, offering primary storage, backup, archive, and disaster recovery capabilities.

  • Enhanced Security Posture: Utilising Azure Security Center and third-party Web Application Firewalls from the Azure Marketplace, like Barracuda, CollectivWorks enhanced their platform's security against a variety of threats.

Key Wins

Faster route to market

Streamlined Deployment

Scalability and Flexibility

Improved security posture


The collaboration between CollectivWorks and Microsoft Azure, facilitated by Servent, represents a paradigmatic example of leveraging cloud technology to address complex challenges in building and managing digital community platforms. By adopting Azure's cloud infrastructure, they not only overcame scalability, security, and development hurdles but also established a foundation for continuous innovation and growth. This case study underscores the transformative potential of cloud services in enabling companies like CollectivWorks to realise their vision, enhancing community engagement through secure, scalable, and efficient digital platforms.

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