Centrica, a leading British energy and services company, headquartered in Windsor, Berkshire, is a major player in the energy sector, providing electricity and gas to a vast customer base in the UK and Ireland. With a workforce exceeding 20,000, Centrica stands out as a key supplier in the energy market.


At the onset of their Azure journey, Centrica required expert guidance to navigate the complexities of cloud computing. Recommended by Microsoft for our proficiency, Servent was chosen to provide support and expertise across Centrica's multi-year cloud program. Centrica had already recognised the myriad benefits of public cloud and specifically pinpointed Azure as the ideal platform to leverage.

The rationale behind Centrica's transition to Azure was twofold: to provide the organisation with increased agility and the ability to move at speed. Additionally, Centrica aspired to tap into Azure's leading-edge technologies and services. This strategic move wasn't just about adopting a new technology platform; it was about transforming their business model to enhance interactions with customers. Utilising Azure's advanced capabilities, especially in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, opened doors for Centrica to develop innovative solutions, thereby revolutionising how they interacted with their customers and streamlined their operations.


Servent designed and deployed foundational services for Centrica's Azure platform, with a focus on building security into the very fabric of the platform. This approach was central to ensuring that the migration of workloads to Azure or the utilisation of Azure services was conducted securely, with foundational security controls and guardrails firmly in place.

This collaboration allowed various departments within Centrica to confidently use the Azure platform to create innovative services and solutions. These advancements not only enhanced Centrica's digital capabilities but were also pivotal in improving customer experiences. In addition to the technical aspects of the project, Servent also provided valuable guidance on cost optimisation and sustainability, ensuring these considerations were integral throughout the engagement.


  • Enhanced Security and Privacy: By leveraging Azure’s embedded security and privacy features, Centrica significantly strengthened its defence against a variety of cyber threats.

  • Data Transparency and Compliance: Centrica gained clarity on how their data was stored and accessed, ensuring compliance with global standards.

  • Advanced Security Solutions: Utilising third-party solutions, such as web application firewalls and anti-malware capabilities, provided an additional layer of security.

  • Efficient Management of Resources: The Azure platform facilitated a more streamlined deployment and management of resources, enhancing operational efficiency.

Key Wins

Secured Identity and Infrastructure

Data Loss Detection/Prevention Capability

Intrusion Detection/Prevention

DDoS Protection


Centrica's journey with Servent to Microsoft Azure exemplifies a successful digital transformation in the energy sector. This case study highlights the power of strategic cloud adoption in enhancing security, improving operational efficiency, and reducing costs. It underscores our expertise in delivering secure, scalable, and efficient Azure solutions, paving the way for businesses to embrace digital innovation and thrive as a modern enterprise.

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