Our Interview Process

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Finding the right fit for both employers and candidates is paramount to both our business success, but more importantly to foster great talent. At Servent, we've created an interview process that not only evaluates skills but also ensures mutual compatibility. But what exactly does the Servent interview process look like?

More Than Just a First Impression

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of skills and qualifications, we believe in setting the right tone. Our initial session is relaxed and open, designed to make you feel at ease. Here, you'll meet Des, Declan, and Nikky. This chat is an opportunity for us to understand your past experiences, roles, and what drives you. More importantly, it’s a time for you to gauge if Servent's ethos aligns with your own. Remember, it's as much about you evaluating us as it is about us getting to know you.

The Technical Deep Dive: Showcasing Your Expertise

The next step is where your technical knowledge takes centre stage. Tailored to the role you're applying for; you'll be meeting senior team members who are experts in Azure. This session delves into the finer details of your technical experience. And for some roles, we’d like you to run a scenario-based presentation, allowing you to showcase your problem-solving and communication skills. It's not just about understanding what you know, but also about seeing how you apply it. Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity to interact with potential colleagues, understanding the Servent work environment from those who experience it day in day out.

Why the Servent Way Stands Out

Our process is a journey of mutual discovery. We've always emphasised that our interviews are a two-way street. We are as keen to showcase our company culture and values as we are to understand yours. At Servent, we're not just seeking an employee—we're looking for someone who will become an integral part of the Servent family, sharing our collective vision and goals.

Our interview process is designed with utmost care, reflecting our commitment to nurturing talent and ensuring a perfect fit. It's more than just an assessment—it's an introduction to a community that values personal and business growth, innovation, and collaboration. If you're on the lookout for a role that challenges and excites, while being surrounded by a supportive team get in touch! curious@servent.co.uk

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