Empowering Dumfries and Galloway Council with Azure

Friday, June 28, 2024

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Dumfries and Galloway Council, a milestone in their ongoing digital transformation. This collaboration highlights our commitment to bringing cutting-edge Azure solutions to the public sector.

 🎓 Supporting Education & Staff: Our immediate task is to set up Azure-based remote desktop access for 18,000 students and 3,000 staff members. This initiative ensures uninterrupted educational delivery, allowing students and staff to engage and learn from anywhere. 

💡 Cost Efficiency through Innovation: We are dedicated to optimising the council's IT infrastructure. By refining storage configurations and profiling costs, we aim to provide substantial cost savings. These efforts support the council’s financial sustainability while enhancing service delivery. 

🌐 Introducing Azure AVS Pathway: To achieve these goals, we will leverage our Azure AVS Pathway offering. This approach is tailored to maximise the efficiency and scalability of cloud solutions, ensuring a robust platform for Dumfries and Galloway's needs. 

Stay tuned as we embark on this transformative journey with Dumfries and Galloway Council. We're excited to pave the way for a more efficient and digitally empowered local government. 

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?

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