Peel Ports is one of the UK's leading port operators, managing over 70 million tonnes of cargo annually across key locations including the Port of Liverpool and the Manchester Ship Canal. With a diverse range of services including container, bulk, and general cargo handling, Peel Ports is at the forefront of the maritime logistics sector, integrating advanced logistical solutions with extensive warehousing and storage capabilities. The company is committed to innovation and sustainability, aiming to redefine the standards of efficiency in the maritime industry while enhancing the supply chain capabilities of its customers and creating sustainable value for its stakeholders.


Peel Ports, one of the UK's largest port operators, was contending with an increasingly untenable IT environment. Their challenges stemmed from ageing datacentre infrastructure, although small an underleveraged Azure environment, and a significant skills gap within their team. Acknowledging the need for modernisation, Peel Ports embarked on an ambitious project with Servent to transform its IT landscape. The initial phase involved the strategic migration of 30 key machines to Azure, paired with comprehensive knowledge transfer sessions. This approach was designed not only to revitalise their infrastructure but to equip their staff with the expertise required for proficient management of their future Azure environment.


Peel Ports faced several challenges when considering their adoption journey. The existing infrastructure in Liverpool was becoming increasingly costly to support and maintain, primarily due to its age, expensive support for On-Premises datacentres and the impending end-of-life status of critical hardware components. This scenario highlights a critical need for modernisation at Peel Ports, presenting Microsoft Azure as the ideal solution to significantly reduce physical infrastructure costs. In partnership with Servent, Peel Ports gained access to unmatched expertise and a committed team dedicated to designing a meticulously optimised infrastructure.

Despite already benefiting from a small Azure footprint, Peel Ports faced challenges in managing and optimising their cloud environment effectively. This situation necessitated the expertise of Servent to not only optimise and rebuild essential workloads as needed but also to conduct extensive knowledge transfer sessions. These sessions were crucial for empowering the staff with the necessary skills and understanding to manage their Azure environment efficiently. Leveraging Azure’s advanced cloud management tools and analytics, Servent could provide Peel Ports with tailored solutions that enhance operational efficiency and cloud performance, aligning with the company’s strategic goals.

Additionally, robust security enhancements were crucial to comply with Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and Network and Information Systems (NIS) regulations, given their operations' implications for national security.

Addressing these challenges required a comprehensive approach to adoption involving strategic planning, migration expertise, and intensive training—all of which were provided by Servent through the Enterprise Cloud approach to facilitate a seamless transition to Azure.


The transformation of Peel Ports’ infrastructure was guided by our Azure Pathway and Azure Virtual Desktop offerings. A thorough infrastructure assessment utilising our advanced tooling helped us gain a complete understanding of Peel Ports’ environment. Thirty machines were identified as suitable for Azure. The next step was to prioritise these machines for migration based on criticality and readiness for the cloud environment. This process involved a detailed analysis of each system's role, data sensitivity, and operational impact, ensuring a tailored and strategic approach to their cloud transition.

While working through the migration Servent identified an opportunity to leverage Azure Virtual Desktop to replace their current Citrix solution, this enhanced the accessibility and performance of applications across Peel Ports’ global locations, significantly improving the experience for their offices in Germany and other remote users worldwide. 

Security and compliance were strengthened through the implementation of Privileged Access Management, aligning with stringent CAF and NIS guidelines. 

Moreover, Peel Ports' staff received extensive training and knowledge transfer sessions designed to empower them with the skills and insights necessary to efficiently manage their new cloud environment. These educational initiatives were meticulously tailored to align with Microsoft Azure’s best practices and the specific needs of Peel Ports. This strategic investment in employee capability not only ensures the proficient use of Azure technologies but also enhances the overall operational resilience and agility of the company’s cloud infrastructure.


Peel Ports' transformation to a more modern, cloud-based infrastructure via Microsoft Azure, facilitated by Servent's expertise, has led to significant outcomes that align with their strategic goals. The transition not only addressed the immediate challenges of an ageing on-premises infrastructure but also set the stage for enhanced operational efficiency, security compliance, and cost management. The outcomes of this partnership are discussed in detail below:

  1. Modernised Infrastructure: By leveraging our Azure Pathway offering, Peel Ports successfully migrated thirty machines to Azure. This shift not only streamlined their infrastructure but also enhanced their ability to scale resources up or down based on demand, thereby aligning with the pay-as-you-go model that optimises costs and reduces wastage.

  2. Enhanced Remote Work Capabilities: The adoption of Azure Virtual Desktop as a replacement for their existing Citrix solution has significantly improved the user experience, particularly for remote locations in Germany and globally. This solution has enabled seamless access to applications and data across Peel Ports' operations, thereby boosting productivity and ensuring business continuity.

  3. Security and Compliance: The implementation of Privileged Access Management and adherence to Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and Network and Information Systems (NIS) regulations have fortified Peel Ports’ security posture. These enhancements were crucial in meeting the strict compliance requirements necessary for their operations, which have significant national security implications.

  4. Cost Efficiency and Operational Optimisation: Through detailed assessments and rightsizing of servers during the migration process, Servent ensured that Peel Ports could minimise unnecessary cloud expenditure. This strategic financial management is critical in maintaining operational efficiency and leveraging cloud economics to the fullest.

  5. Empowered Workforce: Extensive training and knowledge transfer sessions were integral to the project, equipping Peel Ports’ staff with the skills needed to manage their Azure environment effectively. This investment in human capital ensures the sustainability of the cloud transformation by fostering an informed workforce capable of adapting to new technologies and practices.

  6. Robust Management Tools and Analytics: By utilising Azure’s advanced cloud management tools and analytics, Servent provided Peel Ports with tailored solutions that enhance operational efficiency. These tools enable proactive monitoring and management of the cloud environment, ensuring optimal performance and swift adaptation to changing business needs.

The partnership between Peel Ports and Servent exemplifies a strategic approach to cloud transformation, demonstrating how leveraging Azure's comprehensive cloud solutions can overcome significant infrastructure challenges and align with overarching business objectives. The success of this project showcases the potential of cloud technology in modernising enterprise operations and setting a foundation for future innovation and growth.


Our strategic partnership with Peel Ports has been a cornerstone in transforming their IT infrastructure into a modern, efficient, and secure cloud-based environment, leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure. We pride ourselves on enabling our customers not only to meet immediate challenges but also to adopt forward-thinking strategies that drive operational efficiency, security, compliance, and cost-effectiveness.

Our deep expertise in Azure solutions empowered Peel Ports to navigate the complexities of cloud migration and optimisation with confidence. By deploying advanced Azure tools and our strategic planning acumen, we facilitated a seamless migration of critical workloads, significantly enhanced remote work capabilities, and implemented stringent security measures in line with the Cloud Adoption Framework and Network and Information Systems regulations. Furthermore, the extensive training and knowledge transfer sessions we provided were instrumental in equipping Peel Ports’ staff with the skills necessary to effectively manage and optimise their new Azure environment, promoting a culture of continuous improvement and technological adoption.

The results of this partnership are profound. Peel Ports now benefits from a scalable, flexible cloud infrastructure that not only aligns with their current operational needs but also positions them strongly for future growth and challenges. Our role as an enabler in this transformation underscores our commitment to delivering robust and innovative cloud solutions that translate complex challenges into streamlined, future-ready opportunities.

As Peel Ports continues to evolve in the dynamic landscape of global commerce, the foundation we helped build ensures their readiness to embrace future technological advancements. At Servent, our dedication and expertise in cloud solutions have been pivotal in unlocking the transformative benefits of Azure for Peel Ports, establishing a new benchmark for cloud excellence in the industry.

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