Barnsley Council

Barnsley Council, are a local authority of the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, England, oversees a diverse range of services aimed at enhancing the quality of life for its residents. The council is responsible for crucial services including education, transportation, public health, housing, and town planning. Dedicated to sustainable development and community welfare, Barnsley Council works tirelessly to ensure a balanced approach to urban development and conservation, fostering a safe, vibrant, and prosperous community for all its residents.


Barnsley Council, located in South Yorkshire, England, plays a pivotal role in the local governance of the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley, administering a vast array of services aimed at enhancing community life. Committed to sustainable development, the council faced a series of pressing challenges that impeded its ability to efficiently manage and expand its services.


Before partnering with Servent, Barnsley Council encountered several significant obstacles:

  • Urgent Migration Needs: With a looming deadline, the council needed to move away from on-premises infrastructure to a more sustainable cloud solution.

  • Technical Skills Gap: There was a notable deficiency in expertise specifically related to Azure, complicating the transition process.

  • End of Life Technology: The existing Nutanix hybrid cloud infrastructure was nearing the end of its life cycle, necessitating a swift and effective replacement.

  • Environmental Impact: The council was concerned with its high carbon footprint and lacked robust mechanisms to report and improve on sustainability initiatives.


Servent's approach was rooted in its Azure Pathway offering, which included comprehensive planning and execution phases. This holistic approach ensured a smooth transition to Azure, tailored specifically to meet the needs of Barnsley Council. Below are key components of the solution:

DrMigrate Tool:

  • DrMigrate was instrumental in the initial stages of the migration process. It was utilised for its efficacy in mapping out all dependencies within the existing IT infrastructure. This tool provided critical insights that informed the migration strategy, ensuring it was both swift and well-justified.


  • Azure Landing Zone: A tailored Azure Landing Zone was developed as a foundational element of the infrastructure setup. This was crucial in establishing a scalable and secure environment within Microsoft Azure, which was designed to support current needs and future growth.

  • Cost Optimisation: The Landing Zone configuration included the implementation of right-sizing and reserved instances. This strategic approach not only enhanced performance but also optimised costs, providing Barnsley Council with a more efficient use of resources and a clear pathway for scaling operations.

Collaborative Efforts:

  • Engagement with Stakeholders: Servent maintained a high degree of flexibility and collaboration throughout the project. Despite shifting goals and timelines, they worked closely with Barnsley Council’s various teams, ensuring that all parties were aligned and informed at every stage of the migration.

  • Seamless Transition: The partnership focused on minimising disruptions to ongoing operations, which was pivotal for Barnsley Council. This was achieved through meticulous planning and phased roll-outs, ensuring that each department's needs were addressed and that the continuity of service was maintained.

Ongoing Support and Training:

  • Capacity Building: Post-migration, Servent provided comprehensive training and support to Barnsley Council’s staff. This was aimed at equipping them with the necessary skills to effectively manage and utilise the new Azure environment.

  • Future-Proofing: Continuous engagement through workshops and support sessions ensured that the council could leverage Azure’s capabilities to the fullest, adapting to new technologies and methodologies as they emerge.


In this partnership, Servent spearheaded initiatives that revolutionised the operational landscape of the council. Designed to secure immediate and sustainable benefits across various facets of the council's operations. From elevating digital competencies among staff and enhancing sustainability monitoring to achieving significant cost efficiencies and bolstering operational resilience, the comprehensive approach undertaken has yielded profound outcomes. These advancements have fundamentally improved the council's service delivery and operational efficiency, underpinning their commitment to innovation and excellence.

  • Knowledge Transfer and Training: To empower the council’s staff with advanced digital capabilities, targeted training sessions were conducted. This initiative not only upgraded their technical toolset but also deepened their understanding of Azure’s powerful features, ensuring they could effectively leverage the platform to meet their operational needs.

  • Sustainability Monitoring: Leveraging Azure's robust analytics and cloud capabilities, Servent developed a customised dashboard to enhance the council's sustainability monitoring efforts. This solution provides real-time insights into their environmental impact, significantly contributing to a reduction in their carbon footprint and supporting their sustainability objectives.

  • Cost Optimisation: Strategic rightsizing and the use of reserved instances led to substantial cost savings, aligning with the council’s financial objectives.

  • Enhanced Operational Resilience and Reliability: Utilising Azure’s advanced cloud infrastructure, Servent fortified the council’s operational framework, significantly enhancing service reliability and resilience. This was achieved through Azure’s scalable resources and built-in redundancy capabilities, ensuring that the council’s services remain robust and uninterrupted under varying conditions.


Barnsley Council’s partnership with Servent exemplifies how strategic Azure integration can revolutionise public sector operations, providing a scalable, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable framework. This case study not only underscores Servent's expertise in cloud transformations but also illustrates their commitment to aligning technology with customer-specific needs and values, setting Barnsley Council on a path toward a resilient and innovative future.

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