Partnership with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Friday, June 28, 2024

We are thrilled to announce a landmark partnership with Barnsley Council, marking a significant step in their ambitious journey towards becoming a cloud-first council within the next two years. We are excited to share their cloud transformation journey with Servent as their trusted partner. This partnership builds on our commitment to supporting public sectors organisations to embrace digital innovation and operational efficiency.

Why Barnsley Council Chose Servent

Ambitious Cloud-First Vision

Barnsley Council aims to adopt a cloud-first approach by 2025. Chosen for our agility and proven track record in the public sector, Servent is ideally positioned to lead this transition. Microsoft's endorsement of Servent underscores our ability to deliver tailored, scalable Azure solutions that meet the unique needs of the public sector, ensuring Barnsley's transformation is efficient and compliant.

A pivotal aspect of Barnsley’s move to Azure is the support for their green initiatives. With our throughout assessment phase we will provide foundational insights to their entire estate using industry-leading tooling DrMigrate. The council will access detailed analytics in 24-48 hours that measure the estate and efficiency of their environment. This capability enables informed decision-making when crafting a cloud adoption plan.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

By migrating to Azure, Barnsley Council anticipates a significant reduction in its carbon footprint. The adoption of Azure will reduce the need for extensive physical infrastructure, which not only reduces energy consumption but also lowers the council's overall environmental impact.

Bridging the Skills Gap

Another critical component of this partnership is the focus on up-skilling Barnsley’s workforce to fully leverage Azure’s capabilities. Comprehensive knowledge transfer and continuous learning opportunities will empower the council’s team, bridging any existing skills gaps and ensuring they can maximise the benefits of cloud technology. This initiative not only enhances internal capabilities but allows Barnsley to experience a well-managed Azure environment.

Our Azure Pathway Offering

Barnsley Council is utilising our Azure Pathway offering, which is specifically designed to guide large organisations through their cloud adoption process efficiently. This comprehensive service includes tailored solutions that address the unique challenges and objectives of high-profile clients like Barnsley. From initial assessments and strategic planning to migration, implementation, and ongoing support, Azure Pathway ensures a seamless transition and optimal use of cloud resources.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?

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