Our Approach


Data gathered during the cloud migration assessment is then used to determine a cloud adoption and skills readiness plan, as well as support with building a business case, demonstrating the long-term running costs of moving to Azure.

Business Case

We understand that cost is often a significant hurdle in cloud adoption. We help build the case for justifying your move to the cloud, using information gathered in the Data Insights phase to determine accurate costs for your cloud migration.

Migration Waves

Collected data also supports migration wave planning decisions, a process that involves moving parts of your infrastructure (e.g. common workloads) to the cloud in one movement to help reduce operational issues


We utilise the data to provide accurate costs for moving to the cloud, as well as ensuring customer transparency and providing clear insight into the monthly and yearly running costs of Azure.


Azure can help reduce your carbon footprint when compared to on premises infrastructure and data centre services. By using Azure, you support extensive efforts to enable a local, positive impact whilst improving environmental outcomes worldwide.


  • Collect data insights
  • Full transparency with costs
  • Evaluate workloads and services to determine the best approach to hosting in Azure
  • Discuss organisational alignment of people
  • A clear cloud adoption plan


  • Build an effective business case
  • Reduce the potential for operational issues
  • Prepare your enterprise for the move to Azure

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