Our Approach

We have vast experience in helping organisations like yours leverage the benefits of Azure. As part of this journey we will support your business to help deliver on your Azure objectives, following the Microsoft Cloud Adoption framework to ensure that best practices are followed every step of the way.

Enterprise Cloud

Following our approach to enterprise cloud, we will provide your organisation with the skills, tools, and development expertise to migrate your workloads, data, and applications securely to Azure. Our tried and tested approach is a collection of documentation, implementation guidance, best practices which will help accelerate your cloud adoption journey. Once in Azure we can also help modernise your applications and unlock the value of your data. In doing so we will deliver enhanced application and innovative data experiences at scale.


Begin your Azure migration with our cloud readiness assessment. This activity will help identify the applications and workloads which are candidates for moving to Azure. We will also provide detailed information following the completion of the cloud readiness assessment.


Data insights collected during the cloud readiness assessment for Azure are used to develop a cloud adoption plan and provide transparent costing, for initial migration to the cloud, as well as monthly running costs.


Seamlessly migrate to Azure using tried and tested tooling. The tooling we use will ensure successful migrations of workloads and services from on-premises to Azure in a straightforward, friction free, manner.


Rebuild and modernise your current applications leveraging the appropriate services in Azure. Our approach to modernisation is centred on creating cloud native and hybrid application architectures, as well as adopting the suitable cloud migration path for each application, where required.


Not only will we secure your data and workloads in preparation for their move to Azure, but we will also manage, monitor, and continue to review your cloud usage from a consumption and cost perspective. This will help ensure your Azure usage remains optimised at all times, helping avoid any unnecessary spend.


The importance of your cloud operating model cannot be overstated. Many organisations are often ill-prepared for Azure. This is where we can help and guide you, by: shaping your adoption of a site-reliability-engineering model, delivering on outcomes as opposed to activities, designing infrastructure services as products, and build an engineering focussed talent pool inside of your organisation.

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