Our Approach


We analyse scenarios to demonstrate how you can migrate on-premises infrastructure to Azure, as well as migrate your business to the cloud in line with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework best practices, to provide scalable solutions for enterprises.

Azure Landing Zone

We will design and build an Azure architecture that aligns with your business and operations underpinned by the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

Modern Data Centre

Azure provides a cloud-based modern data centre, as well as access to the latest hardware, software and solutions available. Your data centre becomes Microsoft’s responsibility, reducing the overhead that comes with operating your own data centre infrastructure.

Workload Migration

If your workload is supported to run on Azure, we can help migrate or redeploy it using automation every step of the way. We also cater for a number of advanced workloads such as: SAP, Oracle, VMware, & VDI. We also have the ability to migrate legacy workloads such as AIX and IBM Power systems to Azure too. By moving these workloads to Azure you can extend the capabilities of applications that are crucial to your business ensuring business continuity and at the same time spurring innovation.

Business Impact

We always look to minimise the impact to your business with a minimal downtime approach to migration. Our approach will also de-risk migrations minimising the impact to your business. 


  • Plan move groups
  • Propose cloud architecture
  • Bulk data migration
  • Choose migration tools to be used


  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Optimised cloud architecture
  • Reduced responsibility for own data centre
  • Accelerate Migration
  • Deploy migration tooling to support migration activities

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