Our Approach


Data gathered during the cloud migration assessment is then used to determine a cloud adoption and skills readiness plan, as well as support with building a business case, demonstrating the long-term running costs of moving to Azure.

Dev Ops

Dev Ops is at the heart of everything we do. We use Dev Ops to our advantage where it helps us plan smarter, collaborate better, and ship solutions faster using the modern dev services which Azure has to offer.

Azure Management

With Azure management solutions, you can monitor performance, health, and availability of utilised resources, automate tasks to minimise required time and effort, improve the security of workloads, and protect applications and data in the event of an outage.

Cost Optimisation

We optimise cloud efficiency to reduce costs with Azure’s built-in cost management solutions. This can prevent overspending, help to better monitor cloud spending and drive better accountability through defined budgets, cost allocation and chargeback.

Cloud Operating Model

We will work with you to help you determine how you want to operate in the cloud. With our experience we will help you implement the key areas of your operating model across the following areas: management, governance, security and people.


  • Automation is central to everything we do
  • Work in a collaborative manner bringing developers, project managers and the business together
  • Maintain availability using native or third-party tooling


  • Deployment of cost efficient solutions
  • Cost insights and budgeting
  • Best in class monitoring
  • Deployment of solutons in a repeatable manner
  • Enhanced security and protection

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