Our Approach


We will appropriately secure your data and workloads ready for their move to the cloud, as well as manage, monitor and audit your usage of Microsoft Azure’s resources to ensure your cloud infrastructure continues to meet the business goals of your enterprise.

Advanced Security

Take advantage of multi-layered security provided by Microsoft across physical datacenters, infrastructure, and operations in Azure. We can work with you to increase your security posture, using the native Azure security services, as well as assessing third-party solutions, where necessary.


Good governance and relevant controls are vital to managing your Azure environment, ensuring that no security issues arise and preventing costs from spiralling out of control.

We work with many organisations to ensure their cloud usage is appropriately controlled and help establish what good looks like from a governance perspective as well as identifying where cost savings can be made. This is via combination of using the various tools on the platform along with our years of experience and expertise across the Azure platform.


Whatever your industry, Azure provides you with compliance offerings, blueprints, compliance guides, and resources to help you meet your compliance obligations. We can work with you to build the relevant regulatory compliance into your cloud adoption plan.


  • Cost management
  • Security baseline
  • Resourcing
  • Identity
  • Deployment consistency and acceleration


  • Enhanced security posture
  • Clear demarcation of roles and responsibilities
  • A better undertanding of business risks, risk mitigation and design guidance whilst implementing technical solutions.

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