Our Approach


Our cloud migration assessment can help us determine your enterprise’s suitability for our Microsoft Azure cloud migration, identify business outcomes and how this can be achieved in line with Microsoft’s best practices.

Cloud Maturity

We will explore the suitability of moving your organisation to Azure. We will do this by undertaking a number assessment activities to help uncover your readiness in respect to moving to services, applications, or workloads to Azure. As part of this assessment we will also surface any shortcomings in your current strategy and shall provide clear guidance on how to ensure that your cloud journey is a successful one.

Proof of Concept

We provide you with an insight into particular cloud technologies and where these technologies can help you overcome your current operational challenges.

Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) Workshop

Servent are one of a select few CAF ready Microsoft Partners in the UK. We will identify the best adoption strategy for your organisation in line with Microsoft’s CAF best practices to expedite your business and technical outcomes sooner, streamline cloud usage and ensure you have the correct structure and resources in place for cloud usage.

Data-driven Insights

Using the assessment tools we have at our disposal we will scan your on-premises infrastructure to gain insight into the infrastructure, servers and application used across your organisation. The data we capture provides a wealth of insightful information. This can be on a number of fronts, including compute utilisation, application dependencies, software usage and the consumption costs of any migration to Azure.


  • Understand motivations for cloud migration
  • Work with your teams to determine scope of assessment activities
  • Full audit of infrastructure and servers
  • Prepare for secure migration


  • Determine suitability and business outcomes
  • Identify best adoption strategy
  • Identify workloads/services that are not candidates for Azure
  • Identify workloads, applications and data which are potential candidates for modernisation
  • Optimise your cloud usage

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