ScotMid Co‑Operative

The Scotmid Co-op is one of Scotland’s oldest, independent retail consumers co-operatives founded in 1859. The organisation is based in Edinburgh and employees circa 5000 employees across various parts of the business. Over the years the business has evolved from being a collection of supermarkets and convenience stores to include funeral offices and health and beauty shops as part of the Scotmid Co-op business portfolio. In recent years acquisitions has seen it branch out into parts of northern England too.


Scotmid Co-op had a desire to transform their business intelligence platform. To increase the flexibility and scalability of the existing solution the decision was made to move the service into Azure to maximise the power of the Azure platform. Scotmid Co-op could see the value that Azure had to offer with respect to both the core services that that platform had to offer as well as many of the new and emerging solutions which would take their BI solution to the next level (and beyond).


Scotmid Co-op engaged with Servent to undertake two primary activities. Firstly, we helped them prepare for Azure by working with them to build out and extend their Azure presence. In doing so, we were able to provide the foundations of Azure and to allow them to build and deploy services on the platform confidently and securely.

Second, we also helped them with the myriad of data platform services that Azure has to offer. These data services were introduced to enhance and enrich the existing BI solution which had been previously developed – as a result of this we were able to help Scotmid Co-op make more informed and better decisions for their business.

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