CollectivWorks are a Glasgow based start-up tech company. Their business is focussed on building a next generation guest Wi-Fi marketing platform. Their platform devices have been installed into hospitality venues, hotels and transport locations.


CollectivWorks did not have the requisite in-house knowledge on how to take their products and host them on a public cloud platform such as Azure. The nature of their solution and the technologies they wanted to use only Azure could meet their requirements. And given the Servent experience with Azure they engaged with us to leverage our years of expertise on the platform.


We worked with CollectivWorks to take their products to Azure. This allowed them to develop and build new digital platforms faster and at scale compared to what they were capable of using a mix of on-premises and hosted solutions. Using the Azure platform deployed also ensured that the appropriate security controls and governance was in place to support their products and solutions in Azure.

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