In the Plan stage, we focus on gathering crucial data insights to inform every aspect of your cloud journey. Our commitment to transparency shines through as we provide full clarity on costs, ensuring you're well-informed and in control of your budget. We evaluate your workloads and services meticulously to determine the most efficient approach to hosting them in Azure. This stage also involves in-depth discussions about aligning your organisational structure and personnel with your cloud strategy, ensuring that everyone is on board and prepared for the transition. 


Our planning phase is designed to build a robust business case, reducing the potential for operational setbacks, and smoothing your path to Azure. We prepare your enterprise with a complete adoption plan, considering every angle to ensure a seamless transition. A key part of our planning includes detailing all costs associated with the migration and estimate long term consumption costs in Azure. The result is a clear cloud adoption plan, tailor-made to fit your enterprise's unique needs. This level of detail and foresight helps in avoiding surprises and ensures a more predictable, manageable cloud adoption journey. 

Business Case

We will help you prepare your business case for Azure to leverage the unparalleled scalability and efficiency that Azure has to offer. As part of this business case we can highlight Azures vast suite of services, including virtual machines, data, digital app solutions and AI capabilities, all of which can help accelerate innovation at your organisation.

Migration Waves

We will assist you in creating an Azure business case. This will gather compelling reasons for Azure usage. provide a comprehensive analysis of goals, address cost considerations, whilst identifying tangible, available benefits from Azure.


Controlling costs in Microsoft Azure is crucial for maintaining financial predictability and optimising your cloud investment. During our planning phase we will provide estimated Azure costs which will help your organisation ensure that the financial costs using Azure compare favourably to current costs on-premises.


Every organisation has a role to play safeguarding our planet for future generations. Using Azure and leveraging Microsoft's commitment to sustainability will help address climate change and promote environmentally responsible practices. As part of this phase we can share insights on the positive environmental impact of moving to Azure.


We simplify migration with our tried and tested approach. Using our assessment information, detailed planning, and tooling, we ensure a friction-free transition of your workloads and services to Azure. Many global organisations have put their trust in us to migrate their key business services to the cloud efficiently and without disruption.

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