Our strategy revolves around crafting an optimal cloud architecture that aligns with your business needs and goals. We carefully select the most suitable migration tools to facilitate a smooth and effective transition. Our team then meticulously undertakes migration activities, including the transfer of bulk data, ensuring every piece of information is securely and efficiently moved to Azure. This process is all about precision and attention to detail, making sure that your transition to the cloud is seamless and well-coordinated. 


The culmination of our Migrate stage is the realisation of a scalable, robust infrastructure that can grow and adapt with your business. You'll benefit from an optimised cloud architecture, designed to meet your specific requirements while enhancing performance and efficiency. This stage significantly reduces your enterprise's responsibility for managing its own data centre, allowing you to focus more on your core business activities. Additionally, our approach is designed to accelerate your migration process, minimising downtime, and ensuring a quicker transition to the benefits of Azure's cloud environment. 

Azure Landing Zone

We will deploy an Azure landing zone for your organisation. A Landing Zone is essentially a set of guidelines, best practices, and resources provided by Microsoft to help organisations establish a secure, scalable, and well-architected environment in Azure. The benefits of implementing an Azure landing zone include being able to accelerate cloud adoption, secure Azure usages, ability to scale and be agile, and build services in a consistent and repeatable manner whilst having appropriate governance and cost optimisation in place

Modern Data Centre

Azure provides a cloud-based modern data centre, as well as access to the latest hardware, software, and solutions available. Your data centre becomes Microsoft’s responsibility, reducing the overhead that comes with operating your own data centre infrastructure.

Workload Migration

If your workload is supported to run on Azure, we can help migrate or redeploy it using automation every step of the way. We also cater for a number of advanced workloads such as: SAP, Oracle, VMware, & VDI. We also have the ability to migrate legacy workloads such as AIX and IBM Power systems to Azure too. By moving these workloads to Azure you can extend the capabilities of applications that are crucial to your business ensuring business continuity and at the same time enabling innovation.

Business Impact

In any activity we always ensure minimal disruption to business operations. How do we achieve this? With careful planning, a detailed risk assessment, and the implementation of best practices to minimise any potential challenges and ensure a smooth transition and migration to Azure.


We can build and deploy new or existing applications and workloads in Azure. Our approach to modernisation is centred on creating cloud native and hybrid application architectures as well as adopting the suitable cloud migration path for each application, where required.

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