At the Govern stage, our approach is multifaceted, focusing on key areas that are crucial for a well-managed and secure cloud environment. We begin with cost management, ensuring that your cloud expenses are optimised and predictable. Security is a top priority, and we establish a strong security baseline to protect your assets in the cloud. Our strategy includes careful consideration of resourcing to ensure that your team and technology align effectively. Identity management is another critical component, securing and streamlining access to your cloud resources. Lastly, we emphasise deployment consistency and acceleration, aiming for a seamless, efficient, and reliable deployment process across your cloud environment. 


Through our comprehensive Govern approach, you will achieve an enhanced security posture, safeguarding your business in the cloud. We establish clear demarcation of roles and responsibilities, ensuring that your team functions effectively with well-defined responsibilities. This stage also provides a deeper understanding of business risks, enabling better risk mitigation strategies. Alongside, we offer design guidance to implement technical solutions that are secure, efficient, and aligned with your business objectives. The goal is to create a governed cloud environment that is secure, cost-effective, and efficiently managed, supporting your business needs while mitigating risks. 


We work with many organisations to ensure their cloud usage is appropriately controlled and help establish what good looks like from a governance perspective as well as identifying where cost savings can be made. This is via combination of using the various tools on the platform along with our years of experience and expertise across the Azure platform.

Advanced Security

Take advantage of multi-layered security provided by Microsoft across physical datacentres, infrastructure, and operations in Azure. We can work with you to increase your security posture, using the native Azure security services, as well as assessing third-party solutions, where necessary.


Whatever your industry, Azure provides you with compliance offerings, blueprints, compliance guides, and resources to help you meet your compliance obligations. We can work with you to build the relevant regulatory compliance into your cloud adoption plan.


The importance of your cloud operating model cannot be overstated. Our management approach emphasises the importance of a robust cloud operating model. We guide you through the intricacies of Azure, from adopting a site-reliability-engineering model to fostering an engineering-centric talent pool, ensuring your organisation is Azure-ready and future-proof.

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