At the heart of our Assess stage, we delve into understanding your motivations for adopting Azure. Our team collaborates closely with yours to clearly define the scope of assessment activities, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive understanding of your needs. This stage involves a full audit of your infrastructure and databases, laying the groundwork for a secure and efficient migration. Our goal is to prepare you for a transition that's not just about moving to the cloud, but about transforming the way you do business. 


Through our meticulous Assess process, we aim to provide you with a clear evaluation of how Azure aligns with your business objectives. We'll define a detailed adoption roadmap, tailored to your specific needs and goals. This includes identifying and excluding workloads that may not be suitable for Azure, thereby streamlining your migration process. Furthermore, we'll pinpoint key areas for modernisation, ensuring that your move to the cloud is not just a change of platform, but a step towards enhanced efficiency and optimisation of your cloud capabilities. 

Cloud Readiness

We will explore the suitability of moving your organisation to Azure. We will do this by undertaking an assessment activity to help uncover your readiness with respect to moving services, applications, or workloads to Azure. As part of this assessment, we will also identify any shortcomings in your current strategy and shall provide clear guidance on how to ensure that your cloud journey is a successful one.

Proof of Concept

We will work with you to identify any services which may require an environment deployed. This would be with the aim of validating the feasibility and practicality of a concept, idea, or Azure service before full-scale implementation.

Envisioning Workshop

Servent are one of a select few CAF ready Microsoft Partners in the UK. We will identify the best adoption strategy for your organisation in line with Microsoft’s CAF best practices to expedite your business and technical outcomes sooner, streamline cloud usage and ensure you have the correct structure and resources in place for cloud usage.

Data-driven Insights

Using the assessment tools we have at our disposal we will scan your on-premises infrastructure to gain insight into the infrastructure, servers and applications used across your organisation. The data we capture provides a wealth of insightful information. This can be on a number of fronts, including compute utilisation, application dependencies, software usage and estimated consumption costs for any workloads or services migrated to Azure.


Leveraging the rich data gathered during our assessment, we craft a tailored cloud adoption plan that aligns with your business goals. We pride ourselves on transparency, providing you with a clear understanding of the migration costs and the expected consumption costs in Azure too. Your roadmap to the cloud is clear, precise, and cost-effective.

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